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Meet Jim

"Witnessing the change and seeing my clients attain success is the best part of what I do."

Jim Hunt

Jim is an acclaimed Psychic Medium who became aware of his sixth sense at the early age of five. Born in Montreal to a part native psychic mother, he was raised, nurtured and guided by both the living and the dead. “It’s all I knew”, says Jim. “I had to embrace this gift, because I could not shut it off.” 

With a degree in Logistical Engineering and a Certificate in Culinary Arts, Jim set forth to enter the corporate world anonymously and under the radar for nearly two decades. “I was able to see the world; 60 cities in 30 different countries it was an amazing experience,” Jim shares. He knew it was time for his life to take a new direction. He was being called to live out his soul’s mission to guide, educate and serve. Jim went on to complete his certification in Life Coaching.  It was then that his soul journey began!


Over the years, Jim has helped thousands of people around the globe who set and achieve goals both personally and professionally with his unconventional methods. His out of the box approach to solving problems comes naturally. “I’ve never fit into what society deems as normal, it was an issue for me growing up and even today as an adult, but now I see it’s my greatest asset.”  Overcoming his own struggles and challenges make him that much more empathetic to his clients.  He walks the walk and his clients appreciate his humility.  


In 2014, Jim brought his gifts on set, and was a natural choice as the lead Psychic Medium for KNOCK KNOCK GHOST; A Canadian Reality TV series (nominated twice for a CSA), that explores some of Canada’s most haunted locations. This was a new platform for Jim to reach and educate people about the dead that exist among us in a unique and humorous way.


On and off the set, Jim strives to bring clarity, peace and comfort to those who struggle with dying and to educate everyone about the different spirits, ghosts and entities that interface with us daily. Death is not something to be feared, losing someone on this plane is not to be mourned, it is all a part of the journey that was planned for each soul. Jim believes that we need to celebrate a person’s life after death. His aim through coaching is to help individuals grow and truly live the life that was intended for them while they’re on this Earth. In the After Life, Jim helps loved ones left behind work through grief, celebrate cherished memories, and move ahead a little stronger on their path.


This is the premise of Jim’s new show.  His team will be filming the pilot in the Fall of 2023. 

Stay tuned!

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