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Book an Online Session with Jim Hunt, Psychic Medium

Jim’s unique connection to his clients creates a comfortable easy conversation that is quite refreshing and constructive. Jim believes in assisting his clients in becoming more self-aware, self-accepting and self-confident.

With his intuitive abilities Jim is able to read auras, see spirit guides, access past lives, remove soul contracts and note how they are influencing you today. He also sees your successes and obstacles both past and present. Jim uses your eyes to “read” you as the eyes provide him with a connection to you and the energy that surrounds you. As Jim works with you he will present the information he sees in a positive way that is meant to be relevant to you.


Jim will draw on personal experience whenever possible while offering options for you to approach an obstacle, achieve goals or simply digest the information he presents to you. Jim will actively listen to thoughts and concerns as he converses with you throughout your session. Jim is patient, respectful and enthusiastic about life.

*Tax is Already Included in the Session Price

He expects his clients to bring an open mind and a willingness to consider his insight for personal and professional development. If clients would like to ask specific questions simply let Jim know during your session. Many people find their initial questions are answered throughout the session and are supported by additional information and explanations.


Confidentiality is top priority, you will be able to record your sessions so that you can review and reflect afterwards. (please note: you cannot record from your own cell or tablet, it must be a PC or laptop)

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