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Jim Hunt Psychic Medium

Meet Jim

Jim Hunt is an acclaimed psychic medium, certified life coach and ghost counsellor who offers wisdom, direction, support and common sense. 

Most known for his role in the two-time nominated Canadian Screen Awards series KNOCK KNOCK GHOST, as well as features on Astonishing Legends, Darkness Radio and The Outer Realm RadioJim combines his talents to bring guidance and clarity to all those around him. 

Also join Jim on his second season of his own live podcast WHITE NOISE every second Tuesday at 9:00 pm ET. on YouTube! just look for jimhuntofficial

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Jim and his crew are currently working on a pilot for his own show. Stay tuned by following him on Facebook, Instagram & now Threads or join Jim on his daily live astrology updates on his Instagram feed & sometimes featuring a weekly topic on ghosts, past lives, haunted locations, and all things paranormal.


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Services | How May I Help You?

Life Coaching

In addition to psychic medium readings, Jim Hunt is a Certified Life Coach. He combines his training as a life coach with his intuitive gifts to help clients set and achieve goals and resolve conflicts with unparalleled results.


Jim is devoted to helping his clients become more in tune to receiving guidance and assistance from their guides and spiritual aids. 


“Witnessing change and seeing my clients achieve success is the most rewarding part of what I do. I can only help those who are willing to put in the work and help themselves.”

Business Coaching

Sometimes "The Boss" needs help being held accountable for completing goals. The Executive Life Coach program by Jim Hunt helps Professionals and Entrepreneurs through the different stages of their growth — personally and professionally. 


The Executive Life Coach program is broken down into a series of personalized sessions and milestone goals to ensure success. Jim walks business owners and professionals through the steps necessary to achieve defined goals, and holds clients accountable for measurable results.

Energy Work & Smudging (Smoke)

As a Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer, Jim Hunt calls on his guides and the power of the universe to heal. He feels energy differently than most, and "sees" energy in full colour.  He is able to see and experience a person’s Aura Colors.

“I can see if someone is nervous or happy or depressed by the colours that surround them” 


Within the native world, Jim is referred to as a "SEER" (one who sees and communicates among the different planes), and learned how to conduct many of his rituals from Canadian native elders. Smudging and clearing negative energy and inviting positive energy is common practice, and is something we all have the power to do.

Jim also helps clients clear energy by smudging (smoking) homes and properties. Contact him today to schedule a consult.

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Testimonials & Compliments

Yoga at Home


Oakville, Ontario

Jim is an incredible combination of wisdom, clairvoyance, and common sense.  His sessions pay for themselves ten-fold.

Cameraman Greg Zajac
Knock Knock Ghost

Jim is a real guy doing his thing, he doesn’t play things up for the camera.

Astonishing Legends

With a respectful and comforting manner, this on-camera approach, combined with seemingly uncanny confirmations of his observations through the ITC devices, made us think he might be fun to talk to, and we were right.

Jim W.

(Google Guide Review)

Jim has an un-explainable talent and a strong desire to use the gifts he's been given to help others. Definitely the real deal.

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